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The range of available colours means that your design options are only limited by your imagination
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With its easy to clean and maintain benefits, decorative concrete is the ideal commercial floor covering
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Floors that are slippery when wet are hazardous and regarded as unsafe commercial work practice
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Quickly enhance your entertainment areas inside or out with personalised custom effects on your floors
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  • Customised decorative concrete specialists
  • We offer a range of concrete styles & colours
  • Residential and Commercial contractors
  • Projects completed on time, on budget

Why Trust Us With Your Project?

  1. Licensed concreters with full insurance
  2. Servicing South East Qld since 1991
  3. We guarantee all of our work
  4. Fair prices and quick service

Whatever The Project, We have the skills to complete It

  • Plain, Coloured, Decorative or Stencilled
  • Polished Finishes
  • Interior Dressed Slabs
  • Custom Forming
  • All Grades of Non-Slip
  • Installation of Fall to Drains
  • Kerb Crossings
  • Decorative Edging
  • Heavy Traffic Concrete Grades
  • Shop and Restaurant Floors
  • Carparks and Play Areas

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We have been around since 1988 during which we have gathered a long list of satisfied clients. We know the importance to keep up with technology as it advances.

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