House & Shed Slabs

Your house site preparation is crucial. The attention given to this is the difference between a ‘passable’ slab and a great slab. We pride ourselves on producing great concrete pads for houses and sheds that will pass any inspection.

What Is a ‘Slab’?

We know you are thinking that this is a simple question. But it is more than just a thick slab of concrete sitting on the ground. A slab foundation is a layer of concrete that is typically 100mm to 150mm thick in the centre and poured directly onto a prepared surface in one pour session. The edges of the slab (up to 600mm) are thicker to allow for extra strength around the perimeter. Many foundations utilise post tension cables, while others are reinforced with steel rod reinforcement sheets. These materials are used to make the slab extremely sturdy and capable of sustaining the load bearing weight of the house or other structure that is to be constructed. The concrete slab is laid on a base suited to the earth composite and graduations so as to improve drainage conditions and minimise movement of the slab and ultimately the structure.

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