Driveways & Pathways

Whether it is a new driveway or resurfacing an existing one, we have it covered. Driveways would be the most common project for most concretors and we can assure you that we have laid our fair share of them.

We will take whatever time is needed to discuss your requirements together with the anticipated traffic. Things like the base ground and slopes need to be taken into account to ensure a solid driveway that will withstand the test of time exposed to the elements together with multiple vehicle traffic.

Once the driveway is designed, we now have to get you from the car to your door. For this we will provide you with a suitable pathway with sufficient fall to ensure rainwater falls quickly without pooling in the lows of poorly screeded concrete.

Your driveway and paths will be in full view of the street and as such, it needs to be a match for your house in colour, design, shape and width. Whilst that may seem irrelevant at the start, just take a look around your neighbourhood and see the massive difference between a well thought out driveway designed to suit the house and a plain straight piece of concrete laid by the boys over the weekend.

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